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"Pam inspires you. I can do steps here I can't do at home.
It's like I'm in another world and everything is blocked out."

– Pam Covas student B. Doyle, quoted in Daily Breeze.





"That sound was like a million dollars. Everybody right on the beat too.
I can't tell you how good I feel. I'm going to write a song about it. I got to. I'm so inspired."

– John Bubbles, Father of Rhythm Tap, quoted in The Los Angeles Times
regarding Hotcha Hoofers surprise performance for his birthday.





"The room was kinetic. Feet flying. Arms in sync. Smiles as big as Broadway. The Tuesday night intermediate tap dancers at the Torrance Cultural Arts Center were tappin'- and they were HOT."

– Featured in Daily Breeze regarding Pam Covas tap class.





"To show how infectious the dancers were, during intermission about 15 women did a tap dance in front of the mirror in the ladies room. Tap dancing teacher Pam Van Covas, performed that evening with the Hotcha Hoofers, and half the women in the ladies room vowed to make tap dancing class at the Torrance Recreation Center a New Year's resolution."

- Featured in Daily Breeze regarding New Years Eve at the Norris.





"Fabulous Day, Fabulous Group – Wonderful Time!"

– Master Teacher Pat Rico regarding Masters in Tap Series





"It was just an accident that I found Pam Covas at the Torrance Cultural Arts Center. This woman is one of the finest tap teachers I have ever had, and I have studied and worked with some of the best. Her knowledge of the dance is a wonder to behold. She is patient, encouraging, talented beyond belief, dedicated and the epitome of professionalism…I have worked in the dance industry for many years and feel so lucky to have found this wonderful woman. No one knows how to teach like Pam."

– A. Glass quoted in Daily Breeze.





"Original. Unique. Clever. And thoroughly entertaining. These terms are just a few that invade my thoughts when the irresistible Rhythm Kings and their lady hoofers take over the scene."

L.A. Weekly





"As guests arrived at the Pediatric Therapy Network fundraiser they were greeted by the Honey Taps under director, Pam Covas. PTN provide services for either physically or mentally challenged children."

– Featured in Palos Verdes Peninsula News Society, regarding a philanthropic performance.





"I always say I would never move away from here because of my pediatrician and my tap class"

– Pam Covas student Candy Snyder quoted in Daily Breeze.





"…a chorus line of lady hoofers, complete with taps and top hats, dazzles the audience with the show-stopping "Puttin' on the Ritz."






"Pam Covas not only heads you very strong and successful adult tap dancing classes, she is also an accomplished professional whose students have the greatest admiration for her…
We are personally proud to be members of Pam's classes and to finally experience a long dream of participating in National Tap Dance Day."

– Student M. Shimmin and G. Barchan in letter to the Mayor of Torrance.





"Their rendition of "Sing, Sing, Sing" was absolutely fabulous, and "New York, New York" was like a Broadway super production. The girls were just outstanding."

– Featured in L'Italo-Americano regarding Honey Taps and Generations at Sons of Italy Convention.





"Thank you for sharing your incredible talent with us during the ACT II show. It takes a great deal of dedication and practice to reach such perfection."

– Cheryl Gimbel, Creative Producer of ACT II.





"I attended the James Armstrong Theater to see the live show,
Pam Covas presents Entertainment on Tap, An Evening with Arthur Duncan.
I hope we can have more shows like this spectacular event. Everyone responsible for this delightful evening deserves the standing ovation that was given them after the show ended."

– B. Allen in letter to Torrance Parks and Recreation Department.



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