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Pam is a natural teacher with wonderful communication skills reaching dancers at the novice level and inspiring many through their professional and teaching careers. Her greatest talent as a teacher is the ability to hone in on the individual needs of every dancer, paying close attention to the way a student receives and processes information. This special attention is why so many of her students come from referrals and often travel great distances to study with her.


The routines and exercises she has developed as a teacher incorporate the invaluable fundamentals she has learned from the masters in her career. However, in Pam's classes, you don't just learn how to "do" tap steps, but come to understand the "feeling" behind tap dancing. The serious beginner can quickly build their tap vocabulary with her strong teaching skills and supplemental learning video. Pam will gladly tweak routines brought in by private students for competitions and special performances, and also sets routines to particular music upon request.

Her passion for teaching lies in the satisfied feeling after a student finally tackles that hard new step, or the thrill behind watching a student with natural ability just enjoying the experience of dancing.




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